Exceedingly Pride and Prejudice by Ed S.
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Darcy's Dialogues
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The book!
Tired of reading text on a screen? Do you prefer the feel of a book in your hands? Want to read some dialogues that are not found on this web page? Would you like to reward Ed for his tireless efforts?
Then get Darcy's Dialogues in book form.
A fortuitous trip into the country
Arriving at Netherfield
The Meryton Assembly Ball
In and around Meryton
Arriving back at Netherfield
At Netherfield with Elizabeth
The Netherfield Ball
Back in London
Off to Rosings
Disaster strikes at Hunsford
In London again
Off to Pemberley with the Bingleys
Tea at Pemberley
Wickham strikes
Hertfordshire or bust
Discouraged in London
Lizzy or bust
Lady Catherine descends upon Netherfield
Miss Bingley's return
A good time is had by Lizzy and Darcy
Life at Pemberley